Letting go

Beginning when I was very young, I was forced to spend many days in the far back of a station wagon, traveling with my older sisters and younger brother through various European countries. My single mom was always at the steering wheel, whereas my view was always out the back window, noticing all the places we had not stopped disappear over the horizon. The sensation was of being caught up in an uncontrollable vortex, which created a good degree of anxiety and anticipation in me as to where we were going and when would we get there - sometimes days later. As a result,, I spent my time inventing stories, my imagination grew and visions spilled out to soothe my nerves and carry my mind away.

 And so I began drawing to illustrate my stories. I drew and drew. I drew myself into other places, into other things, sometimes into other families, and always into other emotional experiences. I drew constantly.

 This is how I became an artist.

 The intention of this blog is to invite you into a world where imagination, Soul and Spirit, past and present, human experiences and emotions all become the rich ingredients for a personal expression through art. I hope to be as transparent as possible and to wear my heart on my sleeve. I also truly hope to inspire others to explore their own expression with the desire of having a deeper connection to celebrating their unique human experience. Creativity is our birthright.

 " Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside, awakens." Carl G Jung